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This is one of those pages that will have you begging for more no matter how much porn you get simply because the website's content is pretty much impeccable. Stunning gals, huge cocks penetrating them, and moans of pleasure and screams of pain filling the air in the studio, what's not to like?
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FamilyStrokes is, as I have previously mentioned, a website that will leave you breathless without a doubt, Playing upon the greatest taboos of the human mind that still have not been made obsolete in the 21st century for obvious reasons, I mean, fucking your stepsister will never be an okay thing to do, right? The people behind family strokes agree wholeheartedly, but they're still going to serve this kind of content to you on a plate because they are pretty aware of human nature. You know, the fact that we are attracted to things that we're not even supposed to do. It's become quite apparent that we're like this; even people in the bronze age knew this, as perfectly described in the first book of the Bible, Genesis. So strap up and get ready to witness some sexual violence of Biblical scales, and most importantly, invite your cock to the party, as it will be worth it!


There's no other way to put it: The content of Family Strokes is genuinely excellent. The most important stars of the website are gorgeous teens with enormous butts, slim bodies, and nice titties. Truly unique; I mean, any stepfamily member is fair game, so you won't only get to see dudes fucking their stepsisters in these movies because stepmoms are also on the menu, and these dudes will stop at nothing for a chance to lay pipe on them and to make them cum. The guys must be into taboo stuff as much as we are, which honestly isn't that big of a surprise. I mean, porn actors are humans after all, aren't they? All kinds of scenes can be seen on the website, and some of them happen to have stories, even though they are pretty short. For example, there's this one scene where this stepdaddy's daughter steals his money, and when she is caught red-handed, her daddy ends up laying a tremendous pounding on her with his throbbing cock, which is something the submissive gal enjoyed quite a bit. It's an incredible sight to see. There are around 164 movies on the website right now, and these movies tend to be quite long, somewhere around thirty minutes or so. So you will be entertained for hours, that's for sure. Now, not only do updates happen pretty much every week, every single scene has its own photo set, and these can be downloaded to your PC as .zip files. Now, the scenes are also downloadable, with 1080i being the main resolution. Still, there are three smaller resolutions that you can download the movies in if you're impatient or if your internet connection isn't that fast.
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If we're talking navigation, I don' think you will run into any problems when browsing the website since it has been made well. On the main index page, you will run into twenty thumbnails. Clicking on one of them will immediately get the video playing. Now, you also get to see a bit action-packed trailer. The trailer compiles all the best things from the entire 30-minute video, so if you don't enjoy it, the odds are that you won't like the rest of the video, so you know it's best to avoid the entire thing if the trailer sucks in your opinion.


There's nothing worth mentioning seeing as this is a standalone website.


While this isn't a big website by any means, it still deserves a shot. Seeing that it has hours of taboo pornography ready for you, it should be checked out for sure.